Looking After Your Soap

Soap safety!

All our soaps have Cosmetic Product Safety Reports and conform to the current EU/UK regulations. They are a skin safe wash off product for external use only. Please avoid the eye area and mucous membranes. Not for use on broken or irritated skin. If irritation occurs discontinue use.

Looking after your handmade soap

Your handmade soap will last a lot longer if you take a little bit of care with it. Don't worry, it's nothing too tricky!

Before use:

  • Store your unopened soap somewhere dry where it's not too hot or humid. You don't want the soap to be too near a heat source or it may start sweating inside the box.

In use

  • After you start using your soap, pop it onto a soap dish (ideally with draining holes) or a shower rack, so that the air can get around it and dry it completely before its next use.
  • Definitely don't leave it in the bath water for too long, or you will find it comes out a bit gooey or slimy. If this happens pop it up to dry and it'll still be good to use but may not last as long. By the way, the gooey bits are natural glycerin and good for your skin but it's better to enjoy a longer lasting bar.

More tips

  • If your shower doesn't have great ventilation you might prefer a smaller bar. You can take a sharp knife and carefully cut your soap in half. Use one half and store the other half back in the box. We hope to stock half bars soon. 

Please be careful stepping into or out of your bath or shower. Soap can be slippery!

Take your plastic free bathing to the next level!

  • Soap dish -  If you want to make the switch, you'll need to invest in a dish to keep your soap on. There are lots of various options and sizes to choose from. For a temporary solution use our soap box. It's pretty strong but it is made of cardboard, so keep it as dry as possible or it will eventually go mushy (protect surfaces). We stock eco-friendly Hemu wood soap dishes in our shop.
  • Soap pouch - If you find your soap a bit too slippery, you may want to buy one of these! There are various options, super soft bamboo, soft ramie ones or sisal scrubbie ones. Both are natural plant materials and biodegradable. They are little pockets and you pop your soap inside, so that you have more to hold on to. Most have wrist straps so that the soap is firmly in your reach. 
  • Bath Puffs - Another option to help your bar last a bit longer, is to use a bath puff or sponge. Rub the soap onto a wet bath puff and then pop it back to dry, while you use the bath puff all over! We stock 100% cotton bath puffs in standard and recycled yarns.