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Earth Day 22 April 2021

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Earth Day has been observed every year since 1970 to raise awareness for our environment. How can you join in and celebrate?


Earth Day 22 April

A day to celebrate our planet and think about long-term solutions to climate change and global warming. The Covid pandemic has increased awareness on shopping local, travel polution and single-use waste.

If you want to join in, there are many little things you can do to celebrate:

  • Use a refillable water bottle or cup
  • Plant a tree or bee-friendly flowers
  • Ride your bike or walk
  • Swap out your single-use plastics for sustainable alternatives
  • Shop local, support markets, choose less packaging

Remember, there are always small wins you can try and nobody is perfect. Switching to bar soap can save many, many single-use plastic bottles. Plus, it supports small businesses like us! 

You can buy our Mother Earth Soap and pop a piece of the world in your bathroom!

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