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The Soapy Zebra Story

A zebra’s stripes are like fingerprints, no two are alike. And just like a zebra, not all soap is the same! Every ingredient and every technique produces a different result. Every batch is also poured slightly different and it's fabulous because you get a very unique bar of soap every time! At The Soapy Zebra we make our soap using the Cold Process method.

The Soapy Zebra started making soap in 2019 after months of research and then attending a course with the lovely Paula, from Old Bexley Soap Co. After much trial and error (and discoveries!) we made soap for personal use and family gifts. Soon after, it was apparent that soap making was both fun and functional, and something we wanted to keep doing. 

The ethos of everything at The Soapy Zebra is to be more 'green' but still be fun. We offer beautiful and funky soaps and recyclable bath accessories, helping customers to ditch single use bottles in the bath or shower. You don't have to be perfect and small changes make a big difference. It means all our supplies are thoughtfully sourced and all the packaging is made from sustainable or recycled materials, and recyclable still. 

Making the additional accessories to go with the soaps felt like one more step towards the 'green' plastic-free dream. Crocheting has been a favourite hobby since Kerry's nan taught her as a child. 

All our packaging is aimed to be eco-friendly and from recycled paper but we are particularly pleased with our awesome soap box. In fact we think you’ll love our soap box so much, you’ll want to keep it and find another use for it! However, if you really don’t want a box you can opt out - please choose this option in the shop. 

We want to help our customers in their own quest to be a little more 'green' in their everyday living.

Reduce - let us know if you don't want the soap box/band. No point having it if it's not something you want. Although it does look cool...

Reuse - our little soap box is sturdy enough to be a temporary soap dish, which is especially great if you're new to soap and haven't got one yet. Or, use it to keep your soap safe and dry whilst travelling. It's made from recycled card pulp, so it isn't indestructable, please try to keep it dry and protect surfaces underneath. We think it has lots of other uses too, for mini storage and craft projects. Why not take a photo of your box being reused? You can upload to Instagram and tag us using our hashtag #TheSoapyZebra.

Recycle -  when you’re done with your box, like all our recycled paper it is fully recyclable. Even our clear sticker that seals our ingredients label is compostable. If you can't find a use for the silicone band, feel free to save a few and then post them back to us!

Kerry lives with her husband and two young children in Kenley, Surrey. She is passionate about reducing single use plastics and loves Mother Earth and all the wonders of it. She especially loves Sir David A and Bees. Hmmm, but maybe not spiders. She advocates making small changes for a cleaner and greener planet for our future.

Kerry has a travel and digital marketing background, and a flair for creativity runs in her blood. You can easily find her making something in her spare time. Spare time? Or, drinking tea...she loves a nice strong brew too. Pass her the cake...!

Kerry, Founder & Creative Mind

The Soapy Zebra

Kerry and her family