The Soapy Zebra handmake artisan soaps and bath products for glorious plastic-free washing. We also stock eco-friendly bathroom accessories.

Our soaps are made in small batches using the Cold Process method. We source the finest ingredients and glorious scents from ethical suppliers. Our packaging is simple, eco-friendly and awesome! 

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    NEW Eco-Box

    Do you want to try more eco-friendly products?
    Each month we will bring you our Eco-Box of products, including some staple items (artisan soap and salt soak) and some new things to try. Plus, we will give you up to 25% off the retail prices! Our April Eco-Box
     features two new products!!
    Our hint of strawberry lip balm and a sisal flower puff. 

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      Earth Day - 22 April

      Earth Day has been observed every year since 1970 to raise awareness for our environment.

      If you want to join in, there are many little things you can do to celebrate. Check out our latest blog post for some ideas.

      Or, pop some of the World in your bathroom with our artisan soap!

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        Why choose us?

        Our soaps are made from scratch, so we know exactly what has gone into each and more importantly why! We only make cruelty-free, vegetarian products. Our recipe is also palm oil-free. Each soap is poured, cut and trimmed by hand and then cured for a minimum of 5 weeks. Then they get weighed and checked before being boxed in our eco-friendly packaging. 

        Our crochet bath puffs and face scrubbies are handmade in 100% cotton to be soft and washable. They can be requested in any shade, and we also have a superb recycled yarn option. Additionally, we stock eco-friendly accessories, such as salt jars, soap dishes and pouches.

        We hope you fall in love with our soaps but truly believe that plastic-free is best, so if ours don’t suit your needs, do try other soaps. We are all beautifully different and you’ll find a soap with the right ingredients for your skin...